Julie Coon, a Sudden Cardiac Arrest survivor, is alive because people around her knew CPR and how to locate and use an AED to shock her back to life.

Her husband Greg learned the importance of quickly locating the closest AED. Together they launched Cardiac Crusade, a 501c3 with a mission to get AEDs instantly searchable natively on smart phones AND to emergency dispatchers/responders.

Phase 1 is creating an “army of volunteers” to register AED locations into a national database that EMS dispatchers can integrate into their system at no cost. (Register AEDs in your community using these 3 easy steps.)

Phase 2 goal is getting those AED locations natively on smartphones. Greg and Julie are now in talks with three global mapping companies to make that happen.

Save lives by registering AED locations to your local EMS and Smartphones*

Cardiac Crusade - AED - Transform your City

Our mission is to save lives by providing AED locations to EMS systems and searchable on smartphones globally.

Julie’s TED Talk

CBS – Charity Launch

Julie’s SCA Story


Donations will help us:
  • Recruit and train our Cardiac Crusade volunteers to Locate and Verify AEDs
  • Spread awareness through social media campaigns and PSAs
  • Provide AEDs to areas where they are most needed

Cardiac Crusade is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Donations are tax deductible. Tax ID# 87-2974927

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Verify AEDs So They Are Accessible to Your Local 911/EMS System.


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“The national survival rate for cardiac arrests is about 10%. In casinos, where CPR training is in place and AEDs can be located, the survival rate is over 70%. That is where we need to be globally.”

Julie Coon

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